Australia Class

Well I haven’t been posting anything about my Australia class and thought I should provide an update. This is the 4th time I am teaching my once a week class for students from Sacred Heart School in Allentown, PA. The class is listed as “Australia, the Dreamtime and Boomerangs” Many things are learned. Over the past 5 weeks we have learned what the Dreamtime is and read several Dreamtime stories. The students learned about Aboriginal art and tried their hand at painting their own. We learned the science of how boomerangs worked, decorated “Roomerangs” and learned to throw them. We have listened to aboriginal and Australian folk music. We even made PVC didgeridoos and attempted to play them. It is all fun and educational. Below are some photos from the art class. They show the art in progress and final paintings. I am quite impressed with how they turned out.






By boomerangdave

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