The newest boomerang I make

Announcing the Funky Fever, This is a variant of the Boomerang Fever which I am really pleased with. he flight is very nice and easy to catch. It’s made from 10 ply 5mm Finland birch plywood. To set it apart from the rest of my boomerangs I am painting the with chameleon, or color shift paint. The color of these seem to go from green to purple depending on how the light hits it. It was very popular at my craft show Saturday and I sold half the ones I made. With out further ado, here it is!


By boomerangdave

New boomerangs

In a previous post I showed some new boomerangs I was working on. Well I had a craft show this pas weekend and go to show them off. Here are a couple.

Axerang from 1/4 inch 5 ply birch.


The Dorsal, a desing by my son, Vince.


The famous Boomerang Fever, made from lexan.



By boomerangdave

Wow has it been a long time.

I didn’t realize that I haven’t been posting for a while. Medical issues have been taking a lot of my time (ankle arthritis) and making boomerangs has been keeping me busy too.

Since my last post, I had another visit from John Cross. We had a great time throwing boomerangs before he had to hop a flight back to Edmonton.

Its time to include some photos of the hardwood lap joint boomerangs I made. These are all made from curly maple and include an offset vee, a 90 degree Aspen shape and a Skippy shape.





By boomerangdave