a visit from John Cross

Last night my wife and I had the pleasure of hosting John Cross for
dinner. John is at a guitar making conference nearby and was staying
overnight in town. Rather than go out for dinner, John took us up on
our offer to cook for him. For those inquiring minds, the menu
consisted of grilled pork tenderloin, a medley of roasted potatoes
(red skin, purple and sweet), sauteed sugar peas and pea shoots,
rainbow salad and for dessert, fresh local strawberries! We also
enjoyed some Yuengling lager.

Before, during and after dinner we talked about boomerangs. We talked
about Nationals we have both attended and some of the people we have
met along the way. It was really fun because John is great guy to talk
too. I had a wonderful relaxing evening. I did dig out some of my
collection for John to see. It was the first time he had seen any of
Bruce Bernstein’s work and he was surprised to see how much like Herb
Smith’s work they were. I promised him he could throw a few. We also
looked at some of my aboriginal artifacts and then went nuts from
there. We looked at boomerangs which looked like sea lions, pelicans,
parrots, dragons, Chinese letters, fish, birds, snakes, condors,
eagles, people, axes, hot sauce bottles, and many more.

I got out my copy of Performance Boomerangs to have John autograph. I
discovered he had already done that when I bought it in April 2003.
John informed me that I was the 3rd person to get a copy of the book.

John will be done with his conference on Sunday morning and he is
flying out of Allentown on Sunday afternoon. Before he goes, we plan a
session on the field at Irving Park. Rob Stewart and Ian Guldner
(another local thrower) will be there. Should be a fun time. John will
get to throw some Bernstein boomerangs then. Anyone else in the local
area can join us. Email me for details.



By boomerangdave

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