Another Australia class and some boomerang testing!

Thursday was our weekly Australia class. I had promised the students that if the weather was nice, we would get to throw boomerangs outside. When they arrived the temperature was near 70 degrees and the sun was shining. I couldn’t go back on my promise. However there were some other things scheduled too. We started out class by making didgeridoos from PVC pipe. We used 1-1/4 inch pipe for class but I had brought one made from 3 inch pipe and my large bloodwood one I bought in Australia. The students were interested in the different sound each one had. after making the didges they got the chance to attempt to play them. After a few minutes they were all managing to get some sound out of them. Most of the time they were trying too hard and I had to get them to relax more. A few of them were doing well enough that they asked to try the bloodwood one. Now that was funny!

Having spent half of class on didges we headed outside to throw boomerangs. After a refresher course on the proper technique, we let them throw (one person at a time). They held back at first but after gaining some confidence put a bit more effort into it. They were getting some really great throws. One student had trouble because he would often throw sidearm. When he threw correctly he was doing great but he really had to work at it. We did have our mishaps along the way. The area we use has a klot of small trees. Also there is a treeline complete with a swampy area in it. Well one errant throw is way up in a tree on the treeline. A second one was swallowed by the swamp monster. We finally had to stop as we expected the bus to be back soon. As they waited the last few minutes for the bus, they showed off their new boomerangs and their didgeridoo playing skills to the other students. What fun that was to watch.


Wednesday I snuck out to the field at lunch to test some new boomerangs. I had a stack of Hydra triblades made from 1/8 inch polycarbonate that weren’t flying the way I wanted so I reshaped them. They work great now. The last boomerang I tried was a beautiful curly maple lap joint boomerang shaped like the Colorado Aspen but with a 90 degree elbow. I am alway worried boomerangs like thata won’t fly correctly. Boy was I wrong. I threw it one time. It made a beautiful circle and I caught it without taking a single step. Bulls-eye! That boomerang is destined for the Gary Broadbent collection but I already have an order for another. Fortunately I have more curly maple.


By boomerangdave

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