Australia Class, painting boomerangs

This was the week the students were waiting for. It was time to paint boomerangs. We actusally started class buy watching a video of old men of the Mudburra and Jingili tribes making boomerangs in the traditional way. This was shot around Elliott, NT in 1988. The students were amazed watching the Aboriginies cut wood and shape it using axes and homemade chisels.


The it was on to boomerangs. I made the initial blanks and painted them a solid color per the students choices. It was up to them to paint them in a way they liked. There was some indecision by several students but eventually they were all into the project. Here are examples of their work.


We had to stop because the conference room we were using was booked and we got “tossed out”. I have their boomerangs and will be giving them coats of clear finish before bringing them back to the next class. If the weather is good, we will be throwing them. If not, we will be making PVC didgeridoos. The students are fired up for either adventure.


By boomerangdave

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