Australia Class week 3: Aboriginal Art

I had hoped for a really fun class today. My energy level seemed a bit low so I was in real need of a pick me up. The students were going to make their own Aborigianl style art. This year I again provided samples of Aboriginal art and also drawings of symbols used in the art. I also told the students that they had to incorporate 3 of the symbols in their own artwork. The class was hesitant at first to paint but we finally got them going. I was really impressed with what they did because the class was all boys and usually the girls take to the art better then the boys. Here are a few photos of the artwork in progress.




During the art session I played selections of music from the CD “Sounds of the Outback Vol 2”. I had the students stop painting to watch the viseo “Treaty” by Yothu Yindi. After cleaning up we read and discussed the Dreamtime story about where the Brolga came from. One student volunteered to read the whole story. I think maybe he thought if he read, then he wouldn’t have to answer the questions. Again the students were on the ball with the answers, sometimes answering the follow up questions before we asked them.

They headed back to school and are enthusiastic about next week when they get to make didgeridoos.

By boomerangdave

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