Australia Class, Week 2

Today we started class with how a boomerang works. I used a Powerpoint presentation by Tom Conally maker of Flying Frog Boomerangs. The presentation is titled “BOOMERANGS: Magic or Science?”. It explains Bernoulli’s Principle and gyroscopic precession. It also includes instruction on how to throw and catch a boomerang, effects of the wind and even a bit of history of boomerangs. It is a useful tool when doing classes such as this. It is detailed enough that it took up half the class period.


After learning about boomerangs we got to have some fun. Each student got to decorate a Roomerang (thanks to Gary Broadbent) and bend airfoils into it. They did some pretty nice artwork in some cases. We then headed to the building’s lobby to test out the boomerangs. The class had paid close attention to the presentation and were doing great in almost no time. It was fun to watch them and I even got a short video of them on my phone.


Next we switched gears and started reading stories from the Aboriginal Dreaming. Todays story was “The Red Waratah” a story about how the Waratah got it’s red color from the blood of an injured Wonga pigeon. I was pleasantly surprised that the class could answer all the questions I asked about the story. Its nice to know they are listening.

All of a sudden out time was up and they had to get on the bus to head back to school. They are enthusiastic about next week.

By boomerangdave

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