It must be spring……

Well it must be spring because I hit the field today to test some boomerangs. It was typical for this time of year, temps in the mid 40’s, mostly cloudy and winds blowing about 15mph. Probably not the best day but doable. The field conditions were typical for spring too. Very mushy under the mostly dead grass. I felt like I was walking on sponges. Needless to say I wasn’t running around chasing boomerangs. Let them land were they land and pick them up. My knees and ankles cause enough problems without me messing around on squishy ground.


Everything I tested flew well, even though many tosses were blowbys. That 15 mph wind has a way of affecting fligh. I was most anxious to test the MDF boomerangs I received to use for my Australia class. These were originally made by Hasse Lindberg in Sweden. He originally sent them to David Fantone in Oregon, who sent the leftovers to me. They flew very well so I am happy to have them for the students to use. The other boomerangs I had for testing were orders for customers which have stacked up in backlog over the winter.

Well, it was good to see stuff flying again.

By boomerangdave

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