Been a long time….

Yes, it has been a long time since I have last posted to the blog. I got busy and the weather got cold. Once it’s cold I shut down all boomerang activities. With us rolling into March, there is a chance to make boomerangs as soon as the temps get a bit higher. That’s a good thing because I am developing a backlog of boomerangs to produce and i have a craft show the end of April. I’ll need shop time!

Also it is only two weeks until I begin my exploratory class for 8th grade students at a local school. This is the third time I’ll be doing the class. The class is called “Australia: The Dreamtime and Boomerangs”. In the class the students learn about the Aboriginal culture thru the Dreamtime stories and art. They also get to try to make their own Aboriginal art, make boomerangs, and make PVC didgeridoos. They will listen to some Australian music and study the science on how boomerangs work. Lots of fun but some real learning opportunities too. The class happens at my employer’s office and is scheduled from noon to 1pm each Thursday. We’ll have 7 sessions this year.

I look forward to the class and working with my coworker, Hector. This will be Hector’s third time too. Now I should look over my class lesson plan and make a list ot things I need to get ready in the next 2 weeks. First class is March 21st. I’ll be posting weekly updates after the class.


By boomerangdave

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