For the first time in a long time, I had a reasonably free weekend. The weather wasn’t bad so I headed outside to make boomerangs. I had some boomerangs which were already shaped and needed to be painted. I made sure I got a good primer coat first and sealed the backs with clear. I had fun making some “Great White” or “Jaws” boomerang. Those of you old enough to reamber the movie “Jaws” will remember the ad with the nose of the shark coming out of the water. This boomerang tried to capture that image. Here are Great Whites getting painted.

Check out that stencil I am using. That is between 15 and 20 years old and made from shirt cardboard. My son, Vince, made that stencil and I have been using it ever since. There is  alot of dried white paint on it. There are three sharks ready to paint, one finished one at the top and one under the stencil, having just gotten it’s teeth.

I painted several other models and the finished results are in this photo.

Once I had everything painted, I hit the shop again to shape more boomerangs. I got some unusual shapes done and even 2 cherry lap jointed boomerangs shaped. Now I have to find time to test them so i can paint them too.


By boomerangdave

One comment on “Boomerangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Dave,
    I just tried looking up this blog via the link on Bruce Bernstein’s website for it, and it takes me to a completely different blog in Portugal….Did someone hijack your link???


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