I’m back……..

No more travel at the moment so maybe I can get back to boomerangs. It’s scorching here this week and I am not too keen on getting in the hot shop to make booms. I considered maybe getting out to throw but by lunchtime (my normal free time) it’s approaching or over 90 degrees. I am a bit worried because the boomerangs I have been accumulation are piling up and have gone untested in months. Here is a list of what I currently have that need to be tried out:

Duck and triblade by Chris Kalfa
Omega of unknown maker
Boombastic by Bill Glover
Weighted Binghi Eagle from the Br Brian Thomas collection
Lexfly quad by Boomerangfan
Strip laminated Omega, hook and triblade fby Ben Dehner
F-rang by Peter Ruhf
Too Much Fun and the Scream by Bear Boomerangs
Veebru, Retro Hook, Hook, Tom Pederson and Burwell Hook by Bruce Bernstein
Triblade and 2 hooks by Bob Burwell
2 E-Rangs by RusArt
4 Herb Smith boomerangs
5 Art boomerangs

Thats 31 boomerangs all together. Seems to me just testing all those would be quite a workout. I wonder how long it will take me to get them tried out and how well I’ll like any of them.


By boomerangdave