Returning soon………

My work assignment in NYC is winding down. I have boomerang blanks cut and ready to shape. It looks like I can start again in July. I wonder just how good I will be at making them again. I think I’ll need time to retrain myself. Sometimes shaping airfoils can be almost a “feel” and not as much a “see”. I know I can make them, I just think I’ll find it a bit awkward at first. Let’s hope the ramp up time isn’t long.

Temperatures here have been in the high 90’s all week. I sure hope that isn’t the plan for the summer. I don’t get much air circulation in the garage and these hot, humid days can be really draining. I have two craft shows in the fall and want to get some new boomerangs ready for then. I found one of these boomerangs in my collection. It’s a Great White, which I used to make in the 90’s. I sent the photo to a few of my boomerang buddies and they think I should produce it again.

Ok, watch for more posts soon….


By boomerangdave