Testing, testing….1…2…3….

I got out early Saturday and tested plywood booms. Between Saturday and Sunday I got 18 painted and ready to sell. Here is a photo of some of my EasyVees. I usually make these from 5mm 10 ply but had some room on a piece of 1/4 inch Baltic and traced a few more on that. When testing I was surprised to find the two versions flew almost exactly the same. As it was calm, the booms were landing about 10 feet to my left. They formed about a 6 foot circle so I was surprised how similar they flew. On the last throw, I immediately moved a few feet to my left and made an easy catch. Boy did that feel good.

I tested a half dozen Skippys and 3 Fire hose booms too. Those are all painted now The Fire hose boom is awesome. It’s sort of like a retro hook in shape. It flies a low path that is fantastic. I really like it.


Look at this stack of long distance boomerangs I have to test. There are 27 in all.

You would think I am smart enough not to test them in higher winds. Well, I was surprised how windy it was today when I got to the field. I tried out three types of boomerangs. The first up was the Swish. I held back on the power but discovered I was actually laying it out too much. After adjusting my throw, they were working pretty well, just ending up on the field behind me. Wind will do that.

Next up were some 90% Voyagers. That's when the real trouble began. You know how LDs go out and up? Well as soon as they started heading up, the wind took over. I had four and the first three I had good spots on where they landed. The 4th one I tried to get a bit more into it, and it got out pretty far but I lest it on the return. I picked up all the others and walked the field trying to locate it. Three ladies came thru walking a bunch of large dogs and one lady found it, no where near where I thought it went.

I switched to either 90% Voyager 6 shapes. Since there were 4, I would have tested an even dozen boomerangs. They were all blowing by me. The last throw I again pushed it a bit more and nearly lost my balance. Of course I also lost sight of the boomerang while trying to stay upright. I had to walk half the soccer field behind me before I found the boomerang.

At that point I was tired from throwing and walking so headed back to work, where I could rest up.


By boomerangdave

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