Progress, little at a time…..

Weather and my schedule continue to mess up my boomerang building but I managed to get a bit done over the past few days. I started by setting up my router table outside so I could cut a 45 degree bevel on a bunch of 5mm and ¼ inch plywood blanks. If I have it set up correctly, it is easy work. I probably did about three dozen boomerangs this way, and only messed up one. I think I need a better insert near the bit. This one seems to allow the plywood to dip own a little and sometimes the blank gets under the bearing. That screws up the blank. It was rather fun working outside with the wind blowing 20-25mph. All that sawdust and shavings went blowing all over. I think I even ended up with sawdust in my underwear.

 Shifting gears, I decided to shape some G10 long distance boomerangs. Backorders keep piling up and if I get some made, I’ll be much better off. I think I managed to get a dozen shaped of various designs. Now the tricky part is getting them tested. For the past week we have been living in a wind tunnel. Today the winds are averaging 25 to 35 mph and gusting over 40. You really don’t want to test long distance boomerangs when you can’t trust where they may end up in higher winds.

 Sneaking another short boomerang building in on Easter afternoon was a real plus. My next project was to start shaping the plywood boomerangs I routed. I am trying to pick small, specific projects to do, since completing them give me some satisfaction of getting something done. I grabbed a dozen blanks and shaped airfoils until I was satisfied with the result. I now have a bunch (about 30) of boomerangs to test out. If this wind ever dies out some, I’ll be having fun on the field.


By boomerangdave

2 comments on “Progress, little at a time…..

  1. Hi Dave,
    Would it be okay with you if I put a link on my blog to your boomerang blog? I think you have a lot of interesting, helpful information here, and I wouldn’t want readers of my blog to miss it. Let me know.

  2. Bill, I think what you do on your blog is your business. If you want to link my blog then just do it. Why would I mind? I write my blog for fun and to express myself. Sometimes I just want to share the good times I have with boomerangs. If someone gets something from it, that is even better.

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