This time it is real sawdust

I guess since it was Gary Broadbent’s birthday on Saturday I thought I should do something boomerang related. Working with G10 is not that much fun and I have a real fondness for working in wood, even if it is plywood. I have been tracing some shapes on plywood, waiting for the chance to get them cut. No time like the present.  I swapped out the carbide grit blade on the bandsaw (no more G10 to cut) for a blade more suitable for plywood and cut booms to my heart’s content.

In attached photo, top to bottom, left to right:
4 Gothic Hooks (David Fantone design)
9 Vortex
12 Fizzy (4mm)
6 Skippy
4 Easy Vee
6 Fire Hose (4mm) shown with a finished boomerang so you understand.

41 booms in all, 1/4 inch unless noted. There were 10 more I didn’t cut.  Those had a lot of inside or tighter curves and I would need to switch blades again on the saw.

Looking at this photo all I can say is what was I thinking????


Sunday was a busy day at church so we got home late, then had to spend the afternoon cooking Chef Barb Monday Lunches. By 5 pm I was done cleaning up the kitchen, but was too tired to do any boomerang making. The shaping will need to wait for another day. Still between the G10 blanks cut and the plywood ones, I have about 100 boomerang blanks to work on. I must be crazy.

By boomerangdave

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