Australia Class, final day

Thursday was our final class of this session. It was sad for several reasons. One is the fact we could not go outside to throw boomerangs. There were some liability issues at work that caused us to cancel that part of the activity. We still tried to make the best of it.

 The students had to take a test, to see what they remembered from previous weeks. The class exchanged tests and we graded them as a group so everyone knew the correct answers. We than had the students fill out a survey about the class, so we can see how to improve it in the future.

We had planned a food tasting so Hector headed off to make some toast. I explained to the class what Vegemite is to prepare them for the tasting. The other item we tasted was  ANZAC biscuits, which I baked the night before. Hector returned with the toast and the students applied some Vegemite very gingerly. They were all good sports and ate it. They wonder if Australians really did eat it so I told them countless of Australian children had it many mornings for breakfast. After that, one student asked if Australian children are forced to eat it. What a great class we had! The students then were wary of the ANZAC biscuits but after tasting them, dove right in.

We looked at a map of the world which was made from the perspective of the Southern Hemisphere (or upside down to us). That was loads of fun. we finished by watching music videos of “G’day, g’day” (lots of Aussie slang to learn) and a version of “Land Down Under” by an Aboriginal rock band, complete with didgeridoo. After taking a class photo, the students collected their boomerangs from last week and headed off to the bus and back to school.

By boomerangdave

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