Australia Class week 5

This week we should have started our last half of our 8 weeks session. However, earlier in the week we found out that we had to drop a week so now wre into the 5th of 7 classes. Not sure how we will fit everything left in only 2 sessions.

Today was a big day for us. We were making didgeridoos from PVC pipe. I cut some 10 foot long pieces into 3 each at 40 inches. This size has pretty good tone. Armed with a heat gun, we heated one end and made a flared bell by pressing a small bottle in that end. Some of you may recognise it as a hot sauce bottle. They we heated the pipe abut 12 inches from the other end and put a twist in it. This makes it look less like a pipe.



Once everyone had shaped their didges they got some time to decorate them with magic markers. We then watched a video which showed how to make the basic drone sound. After that the students got some time to try to play. That becomes a fun time with some noise and lots of giggling. Another video demonstrated how to do circular breathing and how to learn to do it. We gave playing another shot and I even took a short video. To finish up we all watched a music video of Outback performing Baka. You can find this video on youtube.

As the students were heading out the door and back to the bus, we saw they were getting some attentio. I do remember hearing a didge being played as they left. Makes it all worthwhile.

By boomerangdave

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