Australia Class week 3

We started off by asking the class to explain how boomerangs work to the student who was absent last week. Only one student tried, and she was rewarded with a boomerang shaped keychain.

I had hoped for a really fun class today. The students were going to make their own Aborigianl style art. The class was hesitant at first to paint but we finally got them going. Unfortunatley we couldn’t finish today so will try and finish next week. A couple of the students got the hang of it, or so it appeared. Here are a few photos of the artwork in progress.


After cleaning up we read and discussed the Dreamtime story¬†about where the Brolga came from. The students shared in reading out loud and then answered the questions we had prepared in advance. To finish the class we watched a video of the song “My Boomerang won’t Come Back” which the students thought was pretty funny.

By boomerangdave

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