finished some polycarbonate boomerangs for orders

With the shop mostly out of commission I continue to try and get a few boomerangs completed working out in the yard. On July 4th I got a chance to finish sand the Lexan boomerangs I had tested and then painted them. I have been using a “stained glass paint” which I got cheap at “Ollies Bargain Outlet”. This comes in clear and frosted looks, both of which are translucent. Heres a photo of the finished boomerangs, 6 of them are HyperVees and 2 are Leos.

Here’s a photo of the a couple held up to daylight so you can see how they look.


By boomerangdave

Parkland Community Library

Several months ago I was contacted by the Parkland Community Library about doing a boomerang talk as part of the summer reading program. This year the theme is “One World, Many Stories”. I agreed and we set the date for June 30th.


Well last evening was the talk. I arrived early to set up and found one older couple ready and waiting for the program. At 6:30 enough people had arrived so we started. I had agreed to talk about more than just boomerangs. I started with bullroarers, didgeridoos, clap sticks and even some aboriginal art. Everyone seemed to be very interested and I answered questions as I went along.


Then I moved on to aboriginal throwsticks or kylies, explaining how they have been around much longer than returning boomerangs. I discussed the differences in throw sticks and returning boomerangs. After going through the more traditional Australian boomerangs I moved on to modern day sport boomerang and explained the magic that makes them work. Sitting here the next day I remember things I didn’t tell them. Wow, so much information, so little time.


I did a short demonstration with a backyard triblade and then showed off a large selection of unusual shaped or artistic boomerangs. I am sure the audience was amazed by the many shapes that could be made into returning boomerangs


What would a boomerang talk be like if I couldn’t actually have the audience throw boomerangs? Well we were outside and there was a limited amount of room behind the library so off we went, with some backyard boomerang in hand. Everyone who wanted to gota chance to learn. The children got many tries and the adults joined in. We had a few boomerangs caught and didn’t lose any to the boomerang eating trees nearby. After the throwing session we went back to the talking area and i answered any remaining questions before wrapping it up for the evening.


A good time was had by all.


Photos by Maryellen Kanarr, Parkland Community Library

By boomerangdave