After a rainy Thursday the sun shows up today, along with wind of 15 to 20mph. Perfect conditions for testing….NOT. I went anyway with about 20LDs (Swishes, Voyagers, Reapers, oh my)

Well, despite the winds the Swishes were great. I have three that can be painted. The 2.3mm Reapers were pretty good too, but probably need weight. Real easy to throw, like the 90% Voyagers. I also tried some of them and I guess as I am smoking chickens tomorrow, I can set up a paint station and paint LDs.

The wind did cause some problems. The Swishes and Reapers wanted to fly past me, some very far. I also had trouble throwing into the wind as is normal, and had to go about 45 off the wind. Even so the booms were getting a lot of air and drifting left. I had one Voyager that I was sure hit the ground only to see it land again about 20 yards past touchdown. Quite a bounce. I had another that I saw go into a tree but I was looking into the sun and couldn’t follow it. I saw leaves drop out but no boom. I couldn’t see the boom so I lost it. Who knows, it may be 30 yards past the tree and I didn’t find it.

I didn’t try any 3.3mm full size LDs but with the wind, maybe I should have. The grass on the field was long, probably from the rain delaying the cutting schedule. Also it was rather swampy. Not the best conditions to be testing while weraing my work clothes.


By boomerangdave

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