A bad day of testing.

Well, I did it. I actually went to a field and tossed some boomerangs, or would be boomerangs. mostly sticks.

I had a few boomerangs I bought on ebay or received as gifts. Two were very nice performers. The four Arno Monsori boomerangs worked, but were awfully short range. I am not sure they were getting 15 meters, let alone 20. They are pretty boomerangs they just don’t go very far.

The rest of the boomerangs were ones I shaped, although most were prototypes. I had three boomerangs made from a shape that David Fantone sent me and enlarged to 110 and 120 percent. The 110% one in 5mm plwood did not make a full return, The 120% one also in 5mm actuall crashed after starting to turn left. It never laid over. The second 120% one is in 1/4 inch plywood and actually fared better than the other two, making it about 3/4 around.

Next I tried a Herb Smith Sycamore which only got 3/4 back. I was surprised at the distance it got so maybe a bit of additional carving will help. I also had a Smith modified Sportsman which flew very well. Finally something that worked! I had two more boomerangs, a copy of an African woman done in both the original and a reverse image. The original was only ok but the reverse was not very good at all.

I wanted to try some LDs but couldn’t find a field big enough and the wind was very low Sunday. I now have 20 LDs that need testing before I can go further with them (paint etc).

Final thing: I didn’t throw for more than about 15 minutes but my right arm/elbow is a bit sore today.


By boomerangdave

2 comments on “A bad day of testing.

  1. Hi BoomerangDave,

    My name is samuel.

    I have a question want to ask you.
    I ordered with the (9 ply 5mm Aircraft plywood : 6 pics (90x45cm) )manufacturers in China.

    But when I made the second piece of plywood, I found that as many as four layers of

    plywood is “16 ply 5mm Aircraft plywood”.

    Because of these boards have been a 2 months I find that the plywood does not match,so i can not return.
    16-layer Aircraft plywood is too dense & heavy, cause I can not make a smooth fly back more than a boomerang, mostly falling half-way or 2/3-way to stall.

    I use (“Kutek” boomerang plan) to make boomerangs with 9 ply 5mm plywood is no problem, but the boomerang with 16 ply boomerang to not fly back.

    What I am is to the overall proportion of the original boomerang plan to (enlarge) or (shrink), to conform to the boomerang of 16 ply be smoothly return.

    Or there are other good ways to solve the problem of overweight.


    I know must reduce the weight of the boomerang.

    Plywood because they are very expensive to buy in Taiwan,So I did not have extra plywood can be used to test.

    Can you help me how to solve this problem?

    Thanks & Best Regards

    • Is the 16 ply only 5mm thick? If so, I don’t know what to suggest. The only thing I can think of is to reduce the thickness of the boomerangs in order to reduce the weigh.


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