Little by little, more booms

the temps continue to sneak into the high 40’s so I take any chance to make some boomerangs. The now ready to paint WindJammers got finished. I did them all the same in a metalic red color with gold stenciled swirls.

From there I went back to basics to trace some polycarb blanks and plywood blanks. Then I cut them out on the bandsaw. I made these up to send to my friend David Fantone. He was out of 5mm plywood so I cut the blanks for him. Of course there are a few extras for me.

After that I decided to finish off sanding the 2.3mm G10 long distance blanks I had previously cut. With the ones I did last week, I now have 14 ready to test fly wich include 3 Swish, 4 Milpas Reaper and 7  Voyagers. I think I have another 6 or 8 blanks in 3.3mm G10 to shape , but that will be another weekend. 

It was good to cut, sand and paint boomerangs. Maybe I didn’t do any one boomerang from start to finish but the whole process was just like doing that.


By boomerangdave

One comment on “Little by little, more booms

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