Australia Class week 7: Boomerangs!

After a week off we returned to class today.  Two weeks ago we shapped boomerangs, adding the airfoils and sanding them smooth. I touched them up a bit during the break, tested them and stained them walnut. Today the students took over with acrylic paints to finish the job. It quickly became evident that they had their own ideas on how to paint them. It’s good we covered the table with a plastic drop cloth.

I really can’t say a lot about the painting other than there was some real creativity shown to us today. The students spent the entire class painting, both their own boomerangs and two which will be retained by the teachers. Here’s more photos:

Next week is our final class. I’ll be taking home the boomerangs today and giving them several coats of clear finish over the weekend. The students can take their boomerangs home next week. We still need to figure out how to end the class.


By boomerangdave

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