Australia class, week four…..

Wow, we are done with our fourth class already! We are halfway through!  The good news is that the students followed the rules and did not throw the roomerangs at school when they got back last week. That means no one got in trouble, including us, their temporary teachers.

This week we started out with the painting project from last week, The paintings look really good and I think the students had fun doing them. Also, we didn’t end up with anyone covered in paint so that was a plus. Here are some additional photos of their work.

We then moved on to the story of “How the Kangaroo Got a Long Tail, and the Wombat a Flat Forehead”. The students asked what a wombat was so we showed a picture. They didn’t think it had a flat forehead so Barb told them: “See, it’s forehead is flat, just like Dave’s”. The students were laughing about this so she added: “But the wombat has more hair”.  So now I am no longer “Boomerang Dave” but “Dave the Wombat”.

To finish up the class, we made more boomerangs. A good friend, Chris Kalfa, supplied me with a stack of black plastic. These were cut from the bottoms of deli trays. The students traced some of my boomerangs onto the trays and cut them out with kitchen shears. We then “bent” airfoils into the wings and the students took them home to try at home. These boomerangs are great in a backyard as they only travel 15 to 20 feet. Here are some photos of these boomerangs being made.

On tap for next week are more Dreamtime stories and if everything works out ok, we’ll make PVC didgeridoos. At least one of the students has found this blog online and is checking out what I am writing about them.


By boomerangdave

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