Australia class week three, oh what fun….

Today was the best class so far. We started things off with finishing up the roomerangs from last week, After a few minutes to decorate them we “bent” airfoils into them and went to the building lobby to test. The students caught on pretty fast. Back in the classroom we turned our attention to Dreamtime stories. We read and discussed stories about the Red Waratah and thhe Brolga. The students were pretty sharp and answered all our questions.

On to artwork. I passed out charts listing aboriginal symbols and the meanings. The the students got colored constrction paper, acrylic paints, bamboo skewers and paint brushes. The proceeded to start their own paintings using the symbols, examples of Aboriginal art and of course, their own imagination. Here are a bunch of photos of their work.

A picture is worth a thousand words and these say plenty. Next week well try to finish up the paintings.

I really have to thank my partners in this class. Both Hector Vazquez, and my wife, Barb, stepped in and did most of the talking today. I have been hoarse since Tuesday and could not make it through those stories. I talked some, but not a lot.


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