Australia Class, Day 2

Today was the second day of our exploratory classes about Australia. Last week my wife, Barb, helped as my other helper, Hector, was not available. This week we had all three people and will continue that until the end. We had planned better, I think, but still need to fine tune things. We are making notes as we go so it will be much better is we do it again.

 We started with a quick review of last class and then showed some more Australian items missed last time. I brought in a huge returning boomerang which impressed the clas, along with a brand new kylie and two didgeridoos. The didges led to the playing of a CD containing some interesting things about the history of the didgeridoo. It also featured sounds of the didge in a way that was far better than I can play. The students really liked this part of the session.

After that we brought out a tablecloth which was printed in a dot art pattern called “Bush Tucker”. The students did quite well in identifying the symbols we had discussed the previous week and pointed out ones we hadn’t seen before. They even found one we couldn’t explain and left us with the homework of finding out what it was.

 We moved on to a Powerpoint presentation called “Boomerangs: Science or Magic?” The presentation explained some of the origins of boomerangs, and the science of how they work. It also included throwing and catching instructions. I found that it went pretty well considering how long it lasted. It was taking long, even for my attention span.

Some of the class’s artwork.

 With time winding down I wanted the class to have a bit of fun so I got out some undecorated “roomerangs” and some various color Sharpies. We had the students decorate their own roomerangs but ran out of time for the test flights. We plan to do that first in the next session.


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