NALDO (odds & ends)

There are a number of things I forgot to tell. None are particularly long or worthy of their own post so I’ll lump some together.

  1. Gary Broadbent is known by everyone in Canton. Rob and I stopped at a Sheetz Mini Mart to gas up. While I was inside paying, the girl behind the counter saw my boomerang t-shirt and asked if I knew the boomerang guy from Canton. I asked: Gary Broadbent? She says, yes, that’s him, he is amazing. I told her we were throwing all weekend with him and she was impressed.
  2. Quote of the weekend came from Gary’s girlfriend, Anne.  We all know how Gary can go six directions at once. David Hirsch was explaining that he was holding Gary to task while David was visiting. Anne chimes in: “How’s that working for you so far?” The group burst out laughing.
  3. Still trying to figure out how some boomerangs “landed low” as was mentioned far too many times. I think it was something like: It was a good throw but it landed low and came up short.
  4. When we arrived at the field Thursday we noticed an oil well near the center of the filed. It was fenced in and two porta-johns were outside the fence. I remarked that it was the biggest pump I had ever seen for a porta-john. At that time I thought the oil well was dormant or in-operational. Saturday moring we showed up and the oil well was pumping. That led to a series of jokes about pumping out the potties for us and a chance to do the Jim Carey scene from Pet Detective starring Fred Malmberg as Jim Carey. You can watch it at:  
  5. It was hot and sunny. Most of us drank large quantities of liquids all weekend. This should have cause frequent trips to the above mentioned facilities. Well on Saturday I relieved myself at the hotel about 7:30AM. I never used the on field porta-johns and didn’t even use the rest rooms at the restaurant that evening. I finally relieved myself at the hotel around 11 PM. That’s over 15 hours? Where did all that liquid go?
  6. Gary bought a sheet of G10, 1/8 inch thick in a lovely blue color. He had Dr Fred stay up late and cut out a Voyager shape for each one of us. Some people shaped them Friday night, others took them home to finish. That was a really cool gift from Gary.          
  7. Anne was the best. She put up with the crazy mob of boomerang enthusiasts, made sure there was plenty of liquid to drink on the field and saw we had lunches Why she put up with us is beyond me. I am sure that was a major disruption to her life.

 That’s all for now. I’ll try to save any other things I think of and post if needed.


By boomerangdave

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