NALDO 2010 (part 2)

Saturday morning and I was up at 6AM. Not sleeping well and waking every hour. Legs were sore so I didn’t hit the exercise room in the hotel as I did Friday. Rob and I met from breakfast and headed to the field for an 8AM start. Only one person was there and the rest sort of dribbled in. We started setting up stuff and moving soccer goals which were in the way. After getting everything set up David Hirsch did a safety talk and gave the rules for the weekend. Saturday was to be two rounds with 3 practice and 8 live throws each. We were hoping to get this completed by 6PM but that was counting on a 9AM start.


Photo: Fred throwing LD

At 9:55 we finally hit the field for the first round. I was out as a spotter for the first two groups since I was throwing in the third group. Finally it was my turn to throw. I was lead thrower in our group and on my very first live throw hit 75 meters, short of my personal best of 79 meters. I made several more tries with the same boomerang before switching. I had started with a 90% size Voyager from 2.3mm G10 which I made myself. I changed to a carbon fiber Milpas Reaper which I had Rob Stewart carve for me from my material. I practice this one appeared to be getting much longer distances. I got one throw to qualify and it looked pretty long. Unfortunately it went more up than out and only measured in at 59 meters. I was disappointed.


Photo: Rob throwing LD

After a break for lunch (Subway sandwiches) we were back in action. I was wearing out. During the day I was a spotted for 4 groups, a line judge for 2 groups and threw in the other two. I had planned on taking slow motion video of each thrower but since I was either throwing or “working” I never even got the camera out. All my photos were taken Thursday and Friday during practice. Well my legs, mostly my knees and ankles, were protesting all the standing. I tried taking a chair out when I was a spotter but as the wind changed we had to move and it was difficult to get out of one of those low folding chairs. I gave up on that.


Photo: Tom throwing LD

During the afternoon round there were some awesome throws recorded including a huge toss by Logan Broadbent which measured out at 149 meters. Hoky Smoke Bullwinkle, that is twice my throw. Since I was a spotter for his throw, it made me a small part of his achievement.


Photo: Steve throwing LD

Our group got to do their second round of throws. I had abandoned the Reaper for my original boom. I added some lead tape to try and get more distance. It seemed to really affect the flight, or I just lost my touch. I really struggled and didn’t get a single throw back across the line in the afternoon session. I was toast at that point. It was 7:30 when we finished. We headed to Gary’s to regroup and go to supper. It was 11PM when I got back to the hotel. I fell asleep moments after my head hit the pillow. Of course it was another night of hourly wakeups.

 More in next post……

By boomerangdave

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