NALDO 2010 (part 1)

Rob Stewart and I got up early on the morning of June 17th and met at my workplace at 6:15am. We loaded my stuff in his can and headed off to Canton Ohio for the North American Long Distance Open. We checked into our hotel at 1pm and headed to Gary’s house to make boomerangs. Gary wasn’t there but Joel left us in and we headed to the shop with curly maple to resaw. We got 3 pieces sawed and tried to thickness sand them. We were experiencing some problems with the sander and then Gary got home. After some work we got it running correctly although slow. After sanding the pieces to the same thickness we took a break to chat with others who were arriving.

Photo: Gary teaching Loga to make invertibles.

 Then we ordered pizza and ate before heading to the field to toss some boomerangs. We finally got back to the hotel at 10PM.

The next morning we returned to Gary’s and went back out to the shop to trim the wood to the same width, with straight sides. I then cut them to 12 inch lengths coming up with enough pieces to make 14 lap joint boomerangs. Of course things get delayed at Gary’s so now it was time to head to the field for the long distance practice session. We spent from 12 to 5 pm on the field where I got some excellent slow motion video and action shots of us throwing LD.

Photo: Chris throwing the supersized plywood Voyager

At 5PM it was time to go back to Gary’s for a cookout. Since it took a bit of time to get things ready, I headed into the shop and set up the router table. I then cut the laps on the sets of wood. I really wanted to get far enough to get some of the wood ready that Chris Kalfa brought. He had some very nice pieces of Catalpa and Silver Maple already sanded to the correct thickness.  Bill Rusky showed up with some home fabricated carbon fiber material to cut into blanls for boomerang. Also Gary had purchased some blue colored G10 that he “forced” Fred to cut into Voyager blanks so we could each make a special Voyager.

After the cookout and some additional throwing, we headed back to the hotel.

More in my next post…..

By boomerangdave

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