Practice session

I have a big boomerang presentation in less than two weeks (400 students) and decided to get some practice in with boomerangs that were not long distance. I tossed a bag in the truck today and headed to the field at lunchtime. When I opened the bag it was full of Bob Burwell boomerangs and one Wycheproof hook.

I started off with the Rippah which will be great for the demo. It works so well and looks like you expect a boomerang to look like. Then I was tossing the large traditional Bob gave me when I visited him in Brisbane. I think it was angry with me for not using it more because it continued to beat me up when I tried to catch it. Then again maybe my catching skills have declined since I am throwing LD more often and not required to catch them.

I went through several other boomerangs including ther Adder and ET30, which look much alike. The Adder has been a favorite of mine for years so the ET30 will be one also. I dug out the C-Hook and was surprised to see 50M on the back. I fired it out there and didn’t have enough stuff for a full return. I then grabbed both Vipers and was tossing bullseyes with them. Wow was I into thowing them. I guess I should have tried the C-hook again but I was having too much fun with the Vipers. I am always amazed with the perfomance I get from them, with less effort than I expect.

Lunchtime ended far too soon and it was back to work for me. Here’s a photo of the Burwell boomerangs.

Boomerangs by Bob Burwell


By boomerangdave

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