Lunchtime testing March 11th

The sun came out Thursday, the temps hit 50F and I had nothing better to do at lunch (well, maybe eat) so I headed over to the field for some boomerang testing. I had a few hardwood overlap boomerangs and plywood models to try so used them to “warm up”.

The cherry overlap boomerangs flew very nice but were very short in rangs, barely making 20 meters. I think I may need to weight them for better performance. I needed to keep them very vertical when throwing. Of the plywood booms I had a Binghi Eagle copy in 5ply Finland birch which seemed to be shorter range than what I remembered. I’ll need to get out another and test them side by side.

Moving on I had a copy of a boomerang by Bruce Bernstein. He has been working on a version of Herb Smith’s Veebo which Bruce now calls the Veebru. Bruce made one of these for Rob Stewart and Rob brought it to my house to show me it a few weeks ago. I traced the shape and made it in 1/4 inch 5ply Finland Birch. I had some room on the sheet around a large 30 inch wide Voyager I was making and filled in the spot with a few shapes. I was very impressed when I tested the boomerang. It had good range and a lot of hover at the end of the flight. Bruce has a real winner here.

The last plywood boomerang I tried was a 5mm 10 ply Voyager that I scaled up from the original. I have not added any weights yet but it was out near 60 meters, I need to get some lead in the arms. ( the boomerang’s arms, not mine)
Then I switched to the 2mm 90% Voyagers. There was not much wind to speak of so I didn’t have high hopes. The first two throws came up short but close enough that I could see the boomerangs easily I gathered them and grabbed a few more. I think the long layoff from throwing wasn’t helping me any. I haven’t tossed any boomerang since November and throwing LD was not a good way to start the season. I guess I haven’t forgotten everything as the 4th boomerang came back so close that I was tempted to try and catch. It dropped to fast for that so I didn’t try.
I was pretty amazed with the distances I was getting. As I worked my way through all 13 Voyagers I was pretty well pleased with them. Then there was one that rolled right at the apex and cam crashing back. The next boomerang stayed low and grounded out, rolling left. I put these aside. I finally got through all 13 and decided to retry the two that didn’t fare well. In a rather strange turn of events they did the same thing as before only the boomerangs switched bad flights with each other. How strange. I think those two either need work or lots of tuning.

My lunch period was winding down and I gathered up my stuff and headed back to work. Something tells me my right shoulder is going to complain tonight or tomorrow. I need to work on some regular throwing before I try the 3mm Voyagers or I’ll never get them back.


By boomerangdave

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