Ending February with boomerangs

Ok, I had it with snow and was getting cabin fever. I had to do something. The snow was melting some and it looked like I could make a path to the boomerang shop. It was 35F on Saturday (that’s like maybe 1C) but it felt oddly warm. I shoveled the path and cleared the snow from in front of the door. I was in! Woohoo, what to do first?

I had a few booms traced on a piece of 5 ply 6mm Finland birch sow attached them first. Then I decided to install the new carbide grit blade in the bandsaw. Working with gloves because of the cold didn’t make the job easier but I managed to get it in and tensioned. Next I tried to cut out some G10 Voyagers. I guess I should know by now that I can’t maneuver a 3 foot by 4 foot piece of G10 in my 14 inch bandsaw. I eventually had to put a carbide grit blade in my portable scroll saw and separate the blanks from the sheet.


Once the piece was in a manageable size it was pretty easy to cut out the blanks. The 2mm G10 cut like butter. The 3 mm was easy and actually I ad better control of it. I did run into problems wearing gloves. I have pretty good grip on plywood with the gloves but G10 is much slicker. I had to take the gloves of to maintain control. That meant my hands got cold and I had to stop working to warm up. All total I cut 15 Voyager blanks from G10 and a couple plywood shapes.


Sunday was similar weather so I tried it again. This time I switched out the carbide blade for a regular blade and proceeded to cut 5mm 10 ply birch plywood. I cut some midi size Voyagers, and a bunch of my Dragonwing shape. I also cut up some m3/16 inch thick cherry to make some Rusty Harding Concept Series boomerangs. It’s always nice to work with real wood.


All in all I think I had a pretty good weekend. It was cold but I managed to cut out a bunch of boomerangs. Now as it warms up I have a mountain of sanding/shaping to do.


By boomerangdave

One comment on “Ending February with boomerangs

  1. Then I started employing the tool to make sweeping roughing cuts centennial carbide. I did experience a couple carbide blade for a regular blade and proceeded to cut 5mm 10 ply birch plywood, but I attribute that to my over agressiveness and lack of sufficient knowledge of this tool. The smoothness of the roughing cut tremendously reduced my outside sanding time.

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