Roadtesting the router

It got all the way up to 45 degrees Saturday and I set up the new router table in the yard. I had some boomerang blanks to make and this was the test of the new system.

As you can tell, I am merrily making shavings with the blanks. I got a total of 8 sets lapped. I still have a little trouble getting the bit height correct but that will get better as I work with the new router. It certainly has the horsepower to handle the job and the collet hold the bits firmly.

Sunday was much colder (35F) and rainy so I spent a limited time in the garage. After gluing up the blanks on Saturday night I was ready to cut them out. I chose several shapes including a  new one in which I stretched a Binghi Eagle to fit the wood. I like the looks of this one and cut three different woods in this shape.  With the blanks I did a month or so ago, and this batch I have 12 to work on. Here’s a look at them. The two in front I have already done the shaping of the airfoils.

That’s it for now.


By boomerangdave

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