Router problems solved, I hope

Looks like Santa Barb came through and solved some of my router problems. On Christmas I received this new Porter Cable router. Nice, eh?

Its a well built router and the collet looks very good, which should eliminate that slippage problem. I decided to mount it in the old router table but ran into a problem. The Craftsman table I own has pre-machined holes for mounting the router and they only fit Craftsman routers. Modifying the table looked to be a lot of trouble. I could possibly make my own table but with the limited time I have to do any work, I would rather make boomerangs than router tables. Barb and I stopped at Lowes after the gym one morning and found this dandy router table by Skil.

The table comes assembled and has legs that fold up so it takes less space. I like the design and the router mounts in a matter of a minute or so.  Here’s a lower view from the back, so you can see the router mounted and the fence with dust collection port.

Only bad thing so far is that it has been so cold since I bought the table, that I haven’t been able to go in the garage and try it out.


By boomerangdave

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