Not the sander again?

Sunday is a day I would rather forget. I would like to describe it as a comedy of errors but there was no comedy involved. My day was filled with mistakes and mishaps. The most notable happened in mid afternoon.

I have a Ryobi wide drum sander. I can do wood up to 16″ wide in it. The thing it does best is smooth out thin sawn wood for making lapjointed boomerangs. I was having trouble with it a couple years back and eventually had to take it to a repair shop. The device to hold the sanding strips had gone bad and they had to entirely disassemble the sander to replace it. Unfortunately a part broke and it took over 6 months to repair. I think my entire bill was over $100. I have barely used it since getting it back.


Well, with everything going wrong yesterday I decide to hide in the garage and play with wood. I had planned to rout some lap joints and glue them up. Then I remembered all the maple I cut at Gary’s. I figured I should sand that stuff down and rout everything at once. First I had to take everything off the sander. I don’t have enough room so a lot got piled on it. I cleaned it off, moved it into the free space and got ready to sand. I turned it on, or tried to. Nothing happened. I switched outlets and nothing happened. It’s deader than a doornail. I was not happy. I tried a couple things to get it going but no luck. With that I shut and locked the door to the garage and gave up.

Today I am thinking a bit more clearly. I don’t understand why as I didn’t sleep well (see, I can’t even sleep right). I remembered when I first bought the sander I had some problems with it running. I think the switch kept going bad. You see this has one motor to operate the drum and another to operate the belt which carries the wood under the drum. There is a switch that controls them starting together. I think one of the motors can be plugged in seperately so I may try that tonight. If that works then I know it’s the switch. Who knows if parts are available for it but I can try to find out. It’s out of production at least 5 years, maybe more.

I did some checking online and it may be the switch, or the circuit board it connects to, maybe both. The switch is $10 and the board $39. I might just buy both and replace them. That should get me back in business again.


By boomerangdave

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