The great boomerang bag deal

Anyone who has a lot of boomerangs runs into the problem on how to store and transport them. The vast majority of my boomerangs are in large Rubbermade totes. However for the stuff I often take to the field, I like to keep them in bags of some sort. I think I scored a great deal Sunday.

Saturday our church held it’s yard sale. Sunday morning it was announced that there was leftover stuff still looking for a home. I decided to check it out, not thinking much could be found in what no one else would buy. As I walked past a stack of old luggage, I spied a small carryone type canvas bag. It looked a bit larger than a case for a laptop pc. I picked it up and said to myself: “Self, this would make a dandy boomerang bag”. The bag has a divider in it, has an outside zippered compartment, another open pouch and a shulder strap. It looked good so I hung onto it.

I looked a bit more and found another just like it, then another. I got three matching bags out of the leftovers and only had to make a small donation to buy them. I really like these bags and want to see if I can fit a divided file case inside. That would be great for my long distance or MTA boomerangs.

Here are the bags.



By boomerangdave

One comment on “The great boomerang bag deal

  1. Hi Dave, I just caught up on all of your newest entries ! Wow, it sure sounds like alot of good fun was had and shared by all. Those mother board booms look real neat too. I’ve passed the word around at work, and gave them an average size.

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