Tossing booms Friday night.

David Hirsch arrived at my house around 5pm Friday. I grabbed some boomerangs and we headed to Lehigh University’s Athletic Fields. I didn’t realize how much construction had been done at the fields and that space for throwing boomerangs has gotten less and less.

 I had a bag of mostly Bob Burwell boomerangs with me and tried out a lot of them. David had a lot of MTAs with him and a new lightweight long distance boomerang. His one MTA was carbon fiber and had an upside down flight. It was weird as it would flight high, turn over and then hover back upside down. It was almost spooky to watch if you knew the right way it was supposed to fly. David had a nice large Sussex Hook that was fun to throw. I love those big boomerangs and the way they fly.


We got a call from Rob Stewart that he was headed our way. He arrived sort of late but with enough time to get some throws in. We all sort of had a celebration and each threw a nearly 50 year old boomerang made by Ces Burwell. What a great flying boomerang.

As it was getting dark we packed up and headed home to my hose. Then Barb, Rob, David, Ian Guldner and I went to Allentown Brew Works to have dinner and talk boomerangs. After dropping Ian off on the way home we settled in a bit and Rob, David and I sat around talking about boomerangs. It was a nice ending for a great evening.


By boomerangdave

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