Hurricane Patrol Boomerang Tournament.


I arrive at the field around 1pm and some of the competitors were helping move the bleachers off the field. With that done they set about to lining the field with Aussie Round and accuracy circles. More competitors showed up. I’ll try to remember who but I’ll muss some I am sure. For the guys there was Peter and Adam Ruhf, Barnaby Ruhe, Rich Saidenberg,  Ty and Pat, Moleman, Will Gix, Tim Mautsby, the Bower boys, Eric Darnell, Harald Steck, David Hirsch, John Flynn, Gregg Snouffer and Ian Guldner  The ladies were well represented by Carly, Zoe, Betsylew and Stephanie. I am sure I missed a bunch of people. The field was ready for throwing shortly after 2pm.


Ian was competing in his second tournament and didn’t even have a catch in his first one. He was looking at putting some points on the board. First event was MTA and the wind was really tricky. Ian opted to throw a floppy triblade that David Hirsch loaned him. It would only get 7-10 seconds time but was catchable in the wind. Ian was hoping for some catches so he could at least get some time. Well he managed to get 4 catches out of 5 throws. Three of those throws count so he did score some points. Mission 1 accomplished.


Next event was Aussie Round. Ian was warming up which a Binghi Eagle copy but the wind was blowing it around a lot. Stephanie steps in and offered a 30 meter Relay boomerang for Ian to use. He warmed up with it and managed to get very good returns. He decided to go with it. Just before the event Stephanie gave him last minute pointers. He sure had good coaches Saturday. Ian did manage to catch a few and had most throws into the accuracy circle. He was really proud because he was again scoring points.


I left after Aussie Round. My ankles and knees were already stiff and sore. Ian hung in and competed in Endurance, his first time ever. I got a report from him as follows: The warm ups and event itself last quite awhile.  I used the white endurance boomerang (modified ABS Trifly) for the event.  My first throw was actually with the blue and yellow boom (Binghi Eagle copy), though.  However, I messed that first throw up big time (grounder), so I just used the white one from there on out.  I got in 12 catches and had great coaching from Tim, David, Rob (yep, he finally made it), Moleman's son?  (Kyle?), Tiffany (?), and somebody else.  The five minutes went by pretty fast, but I can understand why they call it Endurance. I was pretty out of breath after it.


Ian left at about 8:30 and several events remained. He got sick too, not sure if it was the food, or eating so soon after endurance of if he was coming down with something. I guess we won’t know. He ended up completing 3 events and got valid scores for all. That is good for him. That about wraps it up for what I know about the tournament and Ian’s experiences

By boomerangdave

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