Fun at the craft show.

Saturday was a craft show at East Hills Moravian Church in Bethlehem. I try to do this show every year but instead of selling last year I was a volunteer working the food concession. This year I was back selling boomerangs.image002

I had a bunch of Roomerangs, Backyarders and PVC invertibles along with my plywood and Lexan boomerangs. I was in a large room at the church with no one across from me for a good distance. That meant I could toss Roomerangs to me heart’s content. Normally people would stop at the table and see the boomerangs. I would ask if they ever saw a boomerang actually return. Most people never have. I would then pick up an Roomerang, and throw it to “their” left. The boomerang would scoot out, circle around them and back into my hands. The best part was watching them try to track it. As they looked to their left, the boomerang was already past and almost in my hands. By the time they looked front again they would see me catch it. Several then asked me to throw again as they stepped aside to see the full flight. It was magic!

Mothers and grandmothers were anxious to buy Roomerangs for the kids as they seemed safe to them. Some also bought Backyarders. A few bought plywood boomerangs. I sold quite a few Roomerangs but at 2/$5 you need to sell lots to make money. It didn’t matter much as I was having fun tossing the Roomerangs and making trick catches. They especially liked it when I caught it on top of my head. Young kids were fascinated by the whole thing.image003

An especially good moment was when two boys came up to me and said:” we know you. You had the boomerangs at Moravian Days.” Moravian days was an event we did 2 years ago. Barb and I, along with others from our church, spent two days at the event giving out Roomerangs. We had attached labels with our church’s name, mission statement and a Bible verse on the back of each one. All children attending could take a free Roomerang after they we taught how to correctly use them. We had many colors of Sharpies available for the children to decorate their boomerang before going home. Photos from Moravian Days are at:

Anyway these boys still had their Roomerangs and loved them. They talked their mom into buying a real boomerang for them this time. They each got a 3mm version of the Fuzzy. It’s nice to see them want to continue after two years. I’ll post a photo from the craft show when our church photographer send them too me. BoomerangDave

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