Woohoo, caught my LD!!!!! (September 2)

Today was just too beautiful to spend inside during lunch so I headed out to the field with a few boomerangs which needed testing. I had several polycarbonate ones I had recently shaped (see previous post) and 5 long distance boomerangs. When I left the office the wind seemed almost still, so I wasn’t thinking I would get the long distance ones to return.

Arriving at the field (about a mile from the office) I see the flag flying and know I have some wind. I walk out on one baseball field even though there was a parks person there with what I thought was a mower. I proceeded to try the three Omni shapes in lexan. All of them were working quite well if I just laid them over a bit. Then I tried my lexan copy of a Burwell Viper. I was amazed that it had a pretty good flight with full return. I am not sure it is getting the same distance as my plywood one from Bob, but I didn’t have the original with me. Wel, by now the parks person is on the tractor and dragging a grate around the infield dirt to my left. I was pretty sure he was out of the way enough.

Since everything else worked, and it appeared there was at least enough wind to try to test LD, I took the warmup versions out of my bag. These are 90% size Voyagers in 2.6mm (?) G10 material. I like these to warm up with and to practice. Not hard to throw and good to get down the fundamentals of long distance throwing. All of them were working quite well so I tried a few tweaks to get extra distance. I moved a bit more to the right and let loose a throw. The Voyager sailed out and made its turn, heading back on a straight line to me. I mean coming right at me. Like move or be hit! Only thing is that it appeared to be slowing down. I realized then I had two choices, either move or catch it. Well, for some reason I held my ground and it came in on my left side. I turned and did a sandwich catch as it went by. I never moved a step! Woohoo!!!!!! I look over to the ball field and there is the park’s worker applauding me! He saw the whole throw and was amazed. Boy was I pumped up!


I also had two full size Voyagers in 3.3mm G10 to test. I had a good throw with one although a bit rounder flight than good for best distance. The other one I think I threw badly and it did a big left hand turn before crashing. I had to spend 10 minutes walking the field to locate it. It has slipped beneath some grass clumps and wasn’t easy to spot. I think tuning is in order for that one too.

Well there you go, the first time I have ever caught a long distance boomerang. I don’t know if I’ll ever try that again but sometimes when the chance comes, you just have to do it.

Boomerang Dave

By boomerangdave

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