Weekend Boomerang Activities (August 31)

DeliBooms1aI have pockets of free time this weekend and tried to fill in by making some boomerangs. Saturday was far to humid for me to work in the garage so I spent a little time making some boomerangs in the kitchen. Yes, I said in the kitchen. Recently Chris Kalfa sent me some black plastic pieces. These are circles cut from the center of deli trays. The plastic works well to make backyard boomerangs. I found that normal two wing shapes don’t work as the material is flimsy. Triblade shapes work great though. I take a silver Sharpie and trace the boomerang onto the black tray. I use a kitchen shears/scissors to cut out the shape. I then bend an airfoil into the wings. What is nice is that I can step outside the door to test the boomerangs. The photo shows some boomerang made from the plastic, along with a piece of the plastic with a pattern traced on it.


Sunday was less humid so I worked a little harder. I routed the leading edges on some lexan and plywood boomerangs and then shaped 4 of the lexan ones. Since I had a bit more time, I also sanded 18 or so expanded PVC invertible boomerangs. I need to test the lexan booms before painting them. I am curious about the one as it is a copy of Bob Burwell’s Viper. I wonder if it will work and also if it will get 50 meters like Bob;s plywood version. A lunchtime jaunt to the testing field will solve that one.
By boomerangdave

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