Two Chicks and a Mole Tournament (July 25th)

I usually don’t venture out to tournaments but during a visit with Gary Broadbent a few weeks ago, I decided to attend this one in Lakeville CT. I was going to give Gary some curly maple pieces to take back to Tom Brauch and also had some other things for Gary so the drive was worth it. Earlier in the week I contacted my friend Ian, to see if he would be interested in going. He said yes, and we made arrangements to meet.

Saturday morning I arrived at Ian’s at 6AM and we were off to Lakeville. After 3-1/2 hours driving we arrive at the field. We were sure it was the right place because we saw Eric Darnell taking stuff out of his car. Gary was there and immediately smothered Ian as I introduced him. It was great meeting up again with Gary, Eric, Peter Ruhf, Moleman, Barnaby Ruhe, Matt Golenor, Stevie K and Bob Foresi. I also got to meet two newer throwers, Pat and Tyler, who are really gung ho about boomerangs. Pat and Tyler were responsible for getting a field to use and did a fabulous job of advertising the event. They really got a terrific turnout which made sure we were busy teaching about boomerangs.

Ian got linked up with Gary, Matt and Eric, who coached him through a couple events. I started working with children and parents to teach about boomerangs and how to throw them. Partway through my talk, Gary cruises in and does his one man show for everyone. Gary gets called back to throw Aussie Round and I take over again, selling a bunch of roomerangs and backyarders to the spectators. There were a few older students there and I broke out some nice plywood boomerangs for them to throw. They were doing quite well. Once the crowd thinned out, I grabbed my camera and took some photos of MTA. That’s Matt Golenor catching his MTA in the blog photo.

After MTA there was a lunch break. I got together with Eric to purchase some Triflys and then Bob Foresi got out his latest kylie creations. Bob and I proceeded to throw kylies so I could determine which as best for me. I chose a nice maple one with good range. I need plenty of practice.

We stayed until 4pm and headed home. I dropped Ian off at 7:45 and I was home at 8pm, around the time the tournament ended. I am sure glad I didn’t stay until the end as I could not have driven home that late. Good news is that most of these same people will be coming to the Emmaus tournament on October 10th. Ian is already practicing for that one.

By boomerangdave

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