Testing Boomerangs (October 2)

This week I tested some boomerangs I received in trades. I tested them two different lunch hours.
Motherboard Quad1a

The first ones were from Leonilson Junior in Brazil. He sent two fast catch boomerangs and a quad made from motherboard material (see photo)

I had trouble with the Torando fast Catch. It was grounding out before it got back to me. After a few tries I added some diheadral and had it working fine.

The Infinity Fast catch is fast, really really fast. It smoked right past me. Wow. I need to practice to tame this one. I can see it messing up fingers in the process. Good job Leonilson.

The Quad made from motherboard is a wonder to see and throw. The copper designs of the circuitry make for a beautiful boomerang. The boomerang really works quite well and seemed to handle yesterday’s winds easily. All in all a great batch of boomerangs.

The next batch of boomerangs arrived yesterday from Bruce Bernstein. I wanted to try them today if the rain stayed away. After a light drizzle this morning, the rain stopped and I went to the field at lunch. Here’s the results (no surprises)

bobs hook 1977
I tossed the Burwell Hook copy (photo) first since I have two of Bob’s already. First throw was too laid out. Adjusted to a more vertical throw and got great results. I need to try it against Bob’s originals in my collection.

HAS (Herb Smith) Columbia Hook: Very nice flights, caught it 2nd throw. Wasn’t easy to do as I had the other three booms in my left hand. I didn’t want them on the wet grass.

HAS Samurai: Tossed with a bit of layover this was fine. Would have been more impressive if I didn’t have the Imperial waiting….


HAS Imperial (in photo): I am amazed by the size of this. Didn’t quite expect it and couldn’t wait to throw it. I did the same throw as the Samurai. WOW!!! It looks great in the air. I thought I had enough oomph in it to get it back and I did. I had to take a couple steps back and left but was in position for a catch. Managed to trap it between my left forearm and right hand. Still have the battle scars on forearm. Lots of wood there but it was the only way I could catch something that big with booms in my had. I decided that I needed to leave the field after that catch. Its a good feeling to throw a boomerang one time and catch it right away.

For more of Bruce’s boomerangs visit his site at: http://www.rangsbybruce.com/

Boomerang Dave

By boomerangdave

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