More stealth boomerangs???? (August 3rd)

I got a little free time this weekend and because I have a craft show coming up, I needed to get some boomerangs ready. I have a bunch of roomerangs and backyard boomerang that need to be painted and tuned. I managed to paint 43 roomerangs and 38 backyarders. Tuning the roomerangs is easy as they are thin. I made sure I also did some as left hand versions. The backyard ones were easy at first. After a couple I realized how tough that plastic is. After twenty I was wondering if there was a better way. I was sure glad when there were no more to bend.

Not wanting to only do those boomerangs, I hit the shop to make some. I worked only with 3/16 inch thick polycarbonate and managed to shape 6 boomerangs. I did 3 Hyper Vees, 1 Pax Vee, 1 PolyVee and one Omni. I also modified some Triflys into endurance boomerangs for Ian and Art Rentz. I have all of these in the truck, waiting field testing. Storms over Saturday night and Sunday have made the fields pretty much useless.

Just so you don’t think I was goofing off all weekend I also attended a concert Friday night, church on Sunday, cooked supped Saturday and Sunday, mowed the hay (grass) and bottled 6 gallons of Sauvignon Blanc. I think thats pretty good.


Monday afternoon update: Well I took a chance and went to the field. I found one field that drained pretty nicely and decided to test boomerangs. All of the modified Triflys flew well, hoverevr I had to do field tuning on one. I was really pleased with the Lexan boomerangs this time. I have a few that fly well but don’t make a complete return. A good friend and boomerang maker, Dave Hughes, advised me to reshape the airfoils to make them “slicker”. I carved more aggressive airfoils in all 6 of these and that really did the trick. Considering I was only testing, I had several throws come in for bullseyes. What a way to spend my lunch hour.

By boomerangdave

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