Made a few boomerangs….. (September 29)

Saturday I had some free time and decided to catch up on making some boomerangs that were promised to friends. I cranked up the sander and proceeded to knock out some polycarbonate boomerangs I had cut out. I think there were 4 HyperVees, 2 PolyVees and 2 Omni. After getting them sanded I switched to a few copies of the old Deep Wood’s trout boomerang made in 3/16 inch plywood.


With everything sanded I headed to the field to test. Everything worked well but I think I really learned something in that throwing session. If I keep the polycarb booms vertical (very little layover) I can get lower longer flights. This is real handy when it is windy. If I lay the boomerangs over, I get higher shorter flights. This should help me in the future when throwing.
Once everything tested out ok I headed back home and painted the boomerangs, along with doing some weekend chores. The HyperVees got the stained glass paint treatment. It’s taken a bit of getting used to the paint but I like the results. The other polycarb booms got primer and colors. I haven’t decided how to paint the trout boomerangs yet. All in all, I got some booms made and can ship some of these this week.


By boomerangdave

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