How, when, and thru who did I first get interested in boomerangs?

I guess there are two answers to that. I got my first boomerang back in 1970 or so, which that would make me 19 or 20 at the time. I spotted aSportcraft boomerang in a sporting goods store and bought it. The instructions were pretty bad and I attempted to throw it the first time right outside my house standing in the street. A typical sidearm throw resulted in the boomerang going high and screaming back at me. After sanding the dinged spotssmooth, I headed to a local field and experienced similar disasters.The boomerang may still be in my attic.

My real intro occurred in 1988 and by then I was 37. My son, Vince, and I were playing the French horn in a city band and were performing at the 4th of July f ireworks program. The band was part of the entertainment as the stadium filled before dark. At one point between music, the announcer tells us to look on the field. Out steps Barnaby Ruhe and Peter Ruhf. They put on a 15-20 minute demo including juggling and trick catches. I turned to Vince and said: ” I’ve got to get one of those”!

After the fireworks, Barnaby was back on the field tossing booms. As we finished packing our instruments up, Vince trots out to Barnaby and asks how to get a boomerang. Barnaby tells him to contact American Boomerang Works in Allentown. A few days later I am in the office buying a dozen Boomerang evers. Vince took a couple off to college and I gave some to friends. Unfortunately, we still didn’t know the correct way to throw.

It was a year later that Vince and I found ourselves playing the same gig at the same place, with more people doing the boomerang demo. This time several of the people set a blanket out with boomerangs for sale, right behind the band shell. Way too close for me to avoid. I got one from Peter Ruhf and two from Paul David. On top of that, they both gave me instructions and some pointers. The next time on the field was a real eye opener. I was actually making the boomerangs perform correctly. I was hooked then and managed to find Peter at several festivals that summer, each time adding boomerangs to my collection, collecting about 12 that year.

By boomerangdave

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