Where did the wind go? (Potesd 5/21/09)

After days of too much wind and too much rain who would expect that when the rain stopped and I had some free time, that the wind would die off to almost nothing? Well, when I got to the field at noon, that is what I found. Not wanting to waste an otherwise perfect day, I grabbed the booms I recent shaped and some I have received for others that hadn’t yet been tested.

I had fair success with the ones I made. Only one was not flying well so I’ll work on that one. The rest are now in line to be painted.

Of the ones others made, here are my reports.

From Dave Fantone, Aluminum Golem, Double Fever and Marguerite, Polycarb reverse Profly. Only the Golem gave me trouble. I think I need a day with wind for it. The others were very nice indeed. The reverse Profly is form a blank I sent David. I don’t think he realized which way it went and shaped it backwards. No problem. In the new configuration it flew great and looked perfect in the aboriginal style artwork he does.

From Bruce Bernstein, Sussex Hook and Vee Omega: The Sussex Hook needs a bit of wind for perfect returns but the Vee Omega was wonderful

From Luiz Castro in Brazil, Assorted polypro and plywood: I had a lot of fun with these. One triblade was a low flying fast moving boomerang that wanted to take my head off. Another was a high flier that was very much a trick catch boom. A strange H shaped one flew great, even if it looks a bit crazy. A small weighted hook wasn’t working well but I suspect a bit of tuning and wind will help. He also sent a large Brazilian plywood hook which seemed heavy after tossing the small polypro ones. It is a very nice boomerang though. I also had some fun with a commercially made polypro Infinity reversible he sent.

From Miguel Tissieres in Argentina. plywood Skippy and Oregon Hat: These are both very beautiful boomerangs with aboriginal style artwork. Once I got to throw them I was equally impressed with the way they worked. I really loved how well the Oregon Hat flew, especially the extra long hover at the end of flight.

From Bill Glover, the High Voltage: This one was simply amazing. I couldn’t believe the distance it was getting and how close it would come back. This thing is smokin’! Bill doesn’t charge a lot for these and I recommend getting one.

By boomerangdave

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