Stealth Boomerangs (Posted 6/23/09)


I have some polycarbonate material, well a lot of it. No really, a whole lot of it. Polycarb, also know as Lexan, is a great material to make boomerangs from. I have mostly 3/16 inch thick stuff. Sunday I took 2 hours out to have some fun and make boomerangs.

I traced out several patterns on some smaller pieces of lexan. These included PaxVees, Hyper Vees, Tigarangs and Skippys. When I finished cutting I noticed a stack of other Lexan blanks I had previously cut. All total I have between 25 and 30 cut. I decided to set up the router and cut a 45 degree bevel on the one side, which would act as a leading edge and give me a headstart in cutting the trailing edge. With almost 30 blanks to bevel, you can be sure that the Lexan chips were flying.

When I was done and cleaning up, I discovered that I beveled one of the Tigarangs on the wrong side. Well, the Tigarang isn’t all that different from one side to the other so I proceeded to sand the two versions and then sanded a Skippy. It was getting close to time to cook so I shut the shop for another day.

Photo: Lexan blanks ready for shaping. See what I mean about stealth boomerangs? Don’t toss these on a cloudy day or risk losing them!

By boomerangdave

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