Ohio Boomeranging (posted July 17th)

Been really busy so didn’t get a chance to post earlier. Last week my wife and I went to visit in Ohio. One of the people we stopped to see is Gary Broadbent. A trip to Gary’s is always a fun trip but sometimes a challenge. Gary is hard to keep focused at times.
Some of the things we did was inventory my collection of Aboriginal pieces and had Gary appraise them. My wife calls this “her widow’s fund”. I am a little leery of crossing a high bridge with her.

On Thursday Gary had some visitors show up after we did. This was two teen age girls and two adult women. Gary and I showed them how to make boomerangs including plastic invertibles and plywood Skippy models. Everyone got to paint their invertibles and also got some on the field training on how to throw. It was a lot of fun. At one point I headed into the shop and sanded up 80 invertibles for Gary to sell. Thursday even we got the resaw bandsaw out and I sliced up a bunch of curly/tiger maple. Gary’s saw is so great for doing this. Check out those boomerang blanks over my head.


Friday we spent more time on my collection. I also went through the Rusty Harding boomerangs at Gary’s house and tested all he had before picking some to buy. I was amazed by the flights of the Harding boomerangs. At lunch we headed out and stopped at the saw shop to have some bandsaw blades shortened for me. I also ordered 4 more blades, which were made up while we were eating lunch. Now I have 12 blades available to me and should be set for a while. After lunch I packed up some materials to take home including 3 sheets of plywood I ordered last year that have been sitting at Gary’s house that long.

We had a good time and then moved on to visit other friends in Ohio.

Boomerang Dave

By boomerangdave

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