Just plain silly (July 28th)

Today I went to the gym for my early morning workout. After the workout and a shower I was getting dressed and one of the other guys was asking me questions. I discovered I knew his nephew. Funny thing is that his nephew has a boomerang I gave him more than ten years ago. Of course the subject turned to boomerangs and several of the other guys got interested. Most have never seen a boomerang work. As luck would have it, I had an indoor boomerang in my gym bag.

You can imagine what happened next. I got the boomerang out to show everyone and they then wanted a demo, in the locker room. There isn’t a lot of room and the ceilings aren’t very high but I thought, what the heck! I picked a spot, bent down a bit to get more overhead clearance and gave it a toss. Of couse it just made it in the area and I caught it in front of a locked door. Everyone was pretty amazed. Now I figure I’ll have to demo with a wooden boomerang outside the gym some morning.

I certainly didn’t plan on throwing boomerangs in a men’s locker room when I got up today. Some things are to silly to make up.

Boomerang Dave

By boomerangdave

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